Friday, May 25, 2007

South Mizoram Churches left out in Mizoram Statistical Handbook

A closer inspection at Mizoram Statistical Handbook reveals that Churches in the Southern part of Mizoram are left out in the so-called most comprehensive Statistical Handbook of the state. This handbook is a handiwork of Mizoram government.

There is not a single mention of Churches like Lairam Baptist, Evangelical Church of Maraland India [ECM(I)] and Congregational Church of India Maraland [CCI(M)] in the handbook in Churches section.

According to many Mara intellectuals are not happy over the compilation of the handbook.

Two theories are being put forward to interpret this, one is that the Churches must not have provided their statistics. However, some argue that it is not the responsibility of the Churches to provide their statistics unless the concern authorities requested them.

The second theory is that the State government deliberately ignored these Churches. Some believes that there is a deliberate attempt not to mention these Churches as they bore names that have separatism - does Lairam, Maraland sounds someone's land existing within the state? When Zo people around the world are vying for unification these names sound strange... However, acceptance of everyone's identity within the Zo groups will definitely do better than deliberately ignoring them.

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